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The people behind the promise

Goodyear is not just about great tyres. To maximise tyre life, fuel economy and reduce your total cost of ownership, it also takes expert, experienced people dedicated to your tyre management. TruckForce is our network of trusted service partners, located across Europe with over 2,000 service locations – people dedicated to helping you get the most from your tyre investment.

How does TruckForce help?

Not all vehicles are the same, and one of TruckForce’s main roles is to ensure that you have the right tyres, and the right plan to get maximum use and fuel economy from them. Our bespoke, expert service is available in all European countries, via over 2,000 service locations. Whether you need inspection services, regrooving and retreading, or just some expert advice, TruckForce provides consistently high standards wherever you are, throughout the lifecycle of your tyres.

What does this mean to your business?

  • Maximise economy, reduce downtime

    Access to high-quality service keeps your tyres in optimum working condition throughout their lifecycle.

  • A service to rely on

    Consistently high service standards maintained across independent and franchised partners.

  • 24/365 availability

    Expertise on-demand and detailed knowledge of Goodyear products – whenever you need it.

  • Anywhere in Europe

    Over 2,000 service locations across Europe.

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