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Multiple Life Concept

More than just retreading

Breathe new life into your tyres

There is a financial and an environmental cost to every new tyre – which is why we are determined that our customers should get the maximum life possible from each one. Welcome to the Multiple Life Concept by Goodyear – a tyre renewal programme designed to reduce your total cost of ownership and your carbon footprint.

How does the Multiple Life Concept work?

First of all, Goodyear Max Technology casings are optimised for retreading, ensuring that tyres are returned to new tyre performance as much as possible. Retreading uses the same compounds as the original tyres, and re-creates the original tread pattern. Our customers use it together with regrooving as part of a tailored tyre management programme, which reduces total costs of ownership by up to 30%* – combined with a lower impact on the environment.

What does this mean to your business?

  • Extend tyre life

    Up to 25% extra mileage**
    **based on GICL-internal data (Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg)

  • No compromise on performance

    Original tread patterns restored, and optimum performance ensured.

  • Reduce tyre costs

    Decrease total costs of ownership by up to 30% and maximise your tyre ROI.*

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    New tyre manufacture uses oil, chemicals and other materials. You won’t.

  • Ensure fleet efficiency

    Maintain high levels of fuel efficiency across the fleet without investment in new tyres.

tyre cost*
*Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of two sets of new Goodyear tyres versus the Multi-Life-Concept using one set of new Goodyear tyres, regrooving, one set of Goodyear TreadMax tyres and again regrooving.
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Multiple Life Concept

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