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High-mileage, all-season capability

  • KMAX S GEN-2
  • KMAX D GEN-2
  • KMAX T GEN-2

The mileage monster

When other tyres have given up, the KMAX GEN-2 just keeps on going. Abrasion-resistant tread compound and IntelliMax Rib Technology create a stiffer, harder-wearing tyre that will give you more miles for your money and traction in all seasons.

Comprehensive offer for your fleet, featuring

  • Superb/excellent mileage levels
  • Significantly improved late-life wet traction and all-weather capability
  • 15% more damage resistance
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), for better tyre flow management
  • 3PMSF marking for full compliance with most restrictive winter legislations

The tyres and technology of the KMAX GEN-2 range

  • IntelliMax Rib Technology for precise handling and top class mileage. Stiffener bridges in the centre grooves connect when the tyre rolls through the footprint, creating a stiffer design and limiting wear.
  • Deep “Flexomatic” sipes: these close when rolling through the footprint so that the tread blocks interlock. More and deeper sipes at higher stability for short braking distances throughout the tyre life and high mileage.
  • Cool running/highly abrasion-resistant tread compound for high mileage and fuel efficiency.

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  • High density and increased depth of sipes and grooves: sipes go down to 100% of tread depth and offer more “biting edges” at worn stage. 25% increased traction and increased removal mileage.
  • Dynamic stone ejecting design: grooves open under torque releasing trapped stones and avoiding drilling into the casing. Improved casing protection and tyre durability.
  • Dual tread compound, combining two layers of different rubber. The top compound provides high abrasion resistance. The base compound offers low rolling resistance. High mileage combined with fuel efficiency.
better potential traction
over the complete tyre life*
*compared to predecessor, based on Goodyear internal tests

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  • Deep sipes down to 2/3 of the full tread depth create additional biting edges to interlock with the road surface until late life. Short braking distances and improved wet grip throughout tyre life.
  • IntelliMax groove blade design: teardrop-shaped bottom blade design provides more tread resistance in high scrubbing trailer applications. Robust tread design for high removal mileage.
  • Cool running/highly abrasion-resistant tread compound ensures good fuel efficiency combined with excellent resistance against treadwear and lateral scrubbing.
sipe depth
compared to full tread depth*
*KMAX T GEN-2 size 385/65R22.5

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