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Goodyear TPMS

Minimise downtime and reduce costs through remote monitoring of tyre health.

Stay on top of costs

With Goodyear TPMS, fleet managers can keep an eye on the condition of every vehicle’s tyres – everywhere in Europe. This means that you can spot an issue before it becomes an incident, thus reducing the risk of breakdown and enabling you to schedule maintenance more effectively. Even minor issues, such as reduced pressure, have an impact on tyre wear and fuel consumption; TPMS means you can keep tyres in an optimum condition, and keep costs down.

How does Goodyear TPMS work?

A small sensor is fitted to the rim of each wheel, capturing real-time data and relaying it via an on-board router and GPS to the Goodyear cloud. The Powerful G-Predict Technology turns raw data into user-friendly alerts and reports which are sent to both driver and fleet manager – who are then constantly aware of under-inflated tyres, air leaks or other mechanical issues. More importantly, G-Predict Technology can spot data trends that suggest a problem may be coming your way, and gives you advance warning. Whether the vehicle is in Poland or Portugal, whether the engine is running or not, you know what’s going on with the tyres and what to do about it.

What does this mean to your business?

  • Less downtime

    You avoid expensive tyre-related breakdowns and keep your trucks moving.

  • Reduced fuel consumption

    Trucks with under-inflated tyres consume more fuel. Keep the pressure right, keep the fuel costs and CO2 emissions down.

  • Extended tyre life

    Keep tyres well-maintained and running at the right pressure – and optimise their performance.

  • Look after your drivers

    Reducing the chance of tyre-related incidents makes a big difference to the driver safety and well-being – and keeps staff turnover down.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    No missed deliveries through tyre-related breakdown, with real-time delivery tracking for customer peace of mind.

*Comparison of 50 fleets before and after installation of Goodyear TPMS in 2019
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