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Goodyear Fleet Tracker

Easy fleet tracing for greater efficiency

Your fleet at your fingertips

Where are your fleet vehicles right now? Are they on track and on time? More importantly, are they delivering the service and fuel efficiency that you expect? If you have the Goodyear Fleet Tracker, you will have all the answers.

How does Goodyear Fleet Tracker work?

The Goodyear Fleet Tracker is a small, battery-powered GPS tracker that relays its location every 15 minutes to the Goodyear cloud. This data is then analysed and collated into a single dashboard that you can access as a web platform or an app on your mobile device. Easily fitted and ruggedly IP67-compliant, it operates whether the truck is running or not, and provide a complete overview of your fleet’s whereabouts, mileage and performance. The integral accelerometer enables ‘sleep’ mode to conserve battery when stationary and large internal memory enables data to be stored when out of range.

What does this mean to your business?

  • Easy to install

    Small, unobtrusive, robust device – easily attached to the vehicle.

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive, customisable dashboard enables you to monitor vehicle data at a glance.

  • Accurate journey history

    A complete log of vehicle locations, routes and mileage.

  • Improve fleet efficiency

    Use data to analyse fuel consumption across the fleet.

  • Avoid/reduce downtime

    In case of breakdown or theft, find location to speed repair and recovery.

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