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Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader

Automated tyre analysis in seconds

Keep your maintenance operation efficient; keep your trucks on the road

How long does it take you to check the condition of every tyre? Constant checks are required to keep your vehicles roadworthy - but your yard is a busy place and the time window for truck repair and maintenance is short. The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader does it in just a few seconds. Drive on, drive off, and find out all you need to know about your tyres.

How does the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader work?

The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader is an award-winning, ground-mounted sensor plate that measures tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load and total vehicle weight when a vehicle drives over it. Every time a vehicle returns to the yard, the system can read the licence plate and deliver a time-stamped comprehensive overview on all key parameters in just seconds. Not only does it report the necessary data and highlights any immediate problems, our predictive technology also analyses the data to forewarn of any future issues.

What does this mean to your business?

  • Improve maintenance efficiency

    Tyre checks take just seconds to perform – and can be done every time a vehicle returns to the yard.

  • Reduce errors

    Even the smartest humans make mistakes. Automatic measurement gets it right in a fraction of the time.

  • Less downtime

    Regular checks help reduce the chance of tyre-related breakdowns.

  • Reduce fuel consumption

    An easy way to keep the pressure just right, maximise fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Extend tyre life

    Well-maintained, correctly inflated tyres last longer.

  • Improved driver safety

    Look after drivers – and staff turnover – by safely maintaining tyre condition.

  • Avoid financial penalties

    Frequent vehicle checks help reduce the chance of missed deliveries or fines for overloading.

reduction in time taken
to inspect fleet for tyre
depth and pressure*
*comparative data from Transportes Garcia de la Fuente, Madrid, to check 750 vehicles with versus without DOR
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