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Chema Sanz

Key Account and Retread Manager, Goodyear, France

Having worked for Goodyear for almost a decade, Chema Sanz naturally believes that new Goodyear tyres are the best option for commercial fleets and for this reason he wants to be sure that you use them to their full potential. Since he is responsible for the Goodyear Multiple Life Concept in France, he recommends his customers to get more value from their tyres by regrooving and retreading them.

We give back a 100% high-quality retreaded tyre

The Multiple Life Concept is a key part of Goodyear Total Mobility, a collection of services and solutions designed to help fleet managers in Europe to operate more efficiently. According to Chema, there are two clear reasons for applying it: “First of all, it saves money since a retreaded tyre is between 65-70% of the cost of a new tyre – but it also helps transport companies to reduce their carbon footprint by using fewer raw materials.”

Chema also explains how his customers get similar performance and durability from retreads when compared to new tyres: “Our TreadMax range, for which we only use the best quality Goodyear and Dunlop casings, performs just like any other new tyre. These casings are retreaded using the latest tread designs. When a new product is launched, we usually apply the new tread design on retreaded tyres almost at the same time. All that to make our customers’ life easier. What is great is that thanks to the new regulations in France, retreaded tyres can be mounted on the same axle combined with new tyres.”

The retreading process is designed to be both thorough and convenient for customers. Casings’ quality must be technically suitable to be retreaded and the tyres’ handling during its first life is key for getting good quality casings. During the whole life cycle of tyres, Goodyear Proactive Solutions’ TPMS helps customers to maintain correct pressure and ensure casings’ retreadability. However, Chema does not like to disappoint his customers: “If a casing doesn’t match our technical criteria to be retreaded, we simply replace it. So, we give back a 100% high-quality retreaded tyre 100% of the time.”

eCasing is another important part of the Multiple Life Concept because it allows customers to track the retreading process. “Our customers can now register their casings using the eCasing app and follow the whole retreading process up on the eCasing portal so they can check what is happening every time.”

In 2020, truck fleets have been in high demand and solutions like the Multiple Life Concept have helped Goodyear customers to deal with the difficulties. “The retread French market represents 750,000 tyres per year, almost 40% of the overall truck tyres market”, explains Chema. “And this year in particular, we’re proud to have helped customers to keep their trucks rolling and to drive their operating costs down.”

Our TreadMax range, for which we only use the best quality Goodyear and Dunlop casings, performs just like any other new tyre
tyre cost*
*Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of two sets of new Goodyear tyres versus the Multi-Life-Concept using one set of new Goodyear tyres, regrooving, one set of Goodyear TreadMax tyres and again regrooving.