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Philippe Chemin

CEO, DOUAUD Group, France

Incorporating several separate transport companies in the West of France, the DOUAUD Group is a large logistics operation whose vehicles cover a lot of ground: according to the company website, they do the equivalent of twice around the world every day.

After testing Goodyear KMAX tyres, we managed to obtain a 6% improvement in mileage.

This is why Philippe Chemin, CEO of the Group, demands tyres that can go the distance: “After testing Goodyear KMAX tyres, we managed to obtain a 6% improvement in mileage, which meets our current economic goal”. He is also enthusiastic about how Goodyear KMAX tyres help the Group to improve its sustainability record: “We have been able to measure a positive impact on the environment because we can reduce our CO2 emissions and reduce waste through the ability of the tyres to be retreaded. So our tyres last longer and we get through fewer of them.”

Goodyear has also been able to help the group to improve the efficiency of its operations in other ways – and under the guidance of other members of the Chemin family. Philippe’s son Alexandre is the Technical Director of the Group, responsible for all purchases. He explains why the company invested in the Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader to automatically check tyre pressure on all vehicles entering and leaving the yards: “With the Drive-Over-Reader plate we can check between 200 and 250 tractor trucks and semi-trailers every week. Driving with the right tyre pressure gives us essential safety levels, but also reduces fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.”

It is a tight and effective partnership between the Douaud Group and Goodyear. Since 2016, they have worked together not only to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also to enhance the quality of the company’s operations. In Philippe Chemin’s words, the relationship has also “enabled us to feel safer knowing that when our trucks leave our yard to drive on the roads of France, they leave with tyres at the expected level and at the expected quality. It has been, and it is, an exemplary partnership.”

It has been, and it is, an exemplary partnership.
better potential traction
over the complete tyre life*
*of KMAX D GEN-2 tyres compared to predecessor, based on Goodyear internal tests

About Groupe DOUAUD:

The family-owned Douaud Group incorporates a number of transport companies in Western France: Piveteau and Charpentier in Loire Atlantique, Herbert in Loiret and Perocheau in Vendée, giving the group an operational space of over 16,000m2 and a complement of 460 staff. Offering a variety of transports and logistics services since 1938, the Group is now fully digitised, conforms to key industry standards, such as La Certification MASE and Le Label Objectif CO2, and is an active member of industry bodies TredUnion and POLE.