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Eric Muller

Director Products and Innovation - Commercial Europe at Goodyear

Everyone understands the reasons for sustainability. Everyone wants clean air today, and a planet that is fit for future generations tomorrow. But what do we actually have to do to make it happen? This is a question that transport companies are being forced to address by EU legislation – and one that Eric Muller, Director of Products & Innovation at Goodyear, thinks about every day.

By 2025, every truck on the road in Europe must be producing 15% fewer CO2 emissions than today’s vehicles.

But no one expects this to happen overnight. It is a long journey towards a more sustainable level of emissions – and a journey that has already started. VECTO has been used since 2019 to monitor CO2 emissions to set a benchmark, and companies like Goodyear are already working to help customers manage the change.

“We embrace the challenge,” says Eric. “We’re proud to be part of it, and we want to ensure that our customers can be part of this greener future without interruption to their business. We want to do everything we can to make the transition to low-emission logistics as affordable and comfortable as possible.”

The first step towards reducing carbon emissions is to improve fuel economy – and tyre management in turn is key to doing so. Eric explains how Goodyear is introducing innovations that will drive down emissions: “We are constantly working to create new designs and develop new tyre materials. This will enable us to produce better tyres that last longer and have a lower rolling resistance – which helps to reduce fuel bills and emissions.”

“But we also want to make those new products affordable. That’s why we’re working just as hard on our internal processes. By developing new and innovative production methods we aim to control the cost of manufacture, and pass on these savings to customers.”

In addition, Goodyear is helping customers to reduce costs in other ways. Goodyear Total Mobility is a collection of solutions and services that help logistics firms to operate more efficiently. TPMS tyre monitors, for example, keep tyres at the right pressure in order to optimise fuel efficiency and prevent breakdowns – thus helping customers’ business to operate as efficiently and successfully as possible. Products like this are going to be essential for the fleets of the future, but are already being used by many customers who have already started their journey towards the 2025 target.

Through innovation and close collaboration with customers, I’m confident that we can not only help customers hit the targets for CO2 emission reduction, but also to operate with increasing efficiency and profitability.
breakdown reduction*
*Comparison of 50 fleets before and after installation of Goodyear TPMS in 2019

“This is not a quick fix”, says Eric. “It is going to require a complete change in the way many companies operate. And we can’t even relax and congratulate ourselves in 2025, because the EU has demanded a further 15% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. But through innovation and close collaboration with customers, I’m confident that we can not only help customers hit the targets, but also to operate with increasing efficiency and profitability.”