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fuel costs

Using the right tyres and keeping them in good condition can make a significant difference to your costs – and your carbon footprint. Why use fuel that you don’t need to?

Underinflation by just 1 bar costs €900 extra in fuel every year for each vehicle.*
*based on following assumptions: 150.000 km/year; 35l/100km average fuel consumption; 1 bar less inflation pressure = 5% increased rolling resistance = 1,5% higher fuel consumption; Diesel costs 1,15€/l
Regrooving and retreading can reduce your tyre cost per km by up to 30%*
*Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of two sets of new Goodyear tyres versus the Multi Life Concept using one set of new Goodyear tyres, regrooving, one set of Goodyear TreadMax tyres and again regrooving.
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Keep your fleet on the road, keep the customer happy, keep hitting deadlines. We help customers reduce the number of breakdowns – and speed up repairs. Limit your downtime days with our high-quality tyres and innovative solutions.

Our proactive solutions reduce the number of tyre-related incidents by 90% *
*Comparison of 50 fleets before and after installation of Goodyear TPMS in 2019
Our Drive-Over-Reader reduces the time taken to check a truck’s tyres by 90% *
*based on internal test data with the fleet “Transportes Garcia de la Fuente, Madrid”, comparing the time needed to check 750 vehicles with versus without the Drive-Over-Reader
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winter mobility

Keep performance and productivity up during the winter months. Let us help you make light work of heavy weather with winter mobility solutions to keep you going in the harshest of conditions.

Enjoy 25% more traction on snow with KMAX D GEN-2*
*compared to predecessor product; based on Goodyear internal test data
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environmental impact

It’s the right thing to do. And it’s the smart thing to do. Because a green fleet is an efficient fleet, reducing the resources you use will help you reduce costs, shrink your carbon footprint and enhance your reputation in the industry.

Equipping just one typical vehicle with retreaded tyres saves 500 litres of crude oil used in the manufacturing of new tyres*
*based on Goodyear internal data, July 2017
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Stories from the road

The aim of Goodyear Total Mobility is to drive results. But what results matter to our customers? Our Stories From The Road give you an insight into the people and the numbers they care about most – and how Goodyear helps make those numbers better.